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New Jersey orders cleanup of clothing, cookware chemicalsNew Jersey is ordering five companies that manufacture chemicals used to stain-proof clothing and produce non-stick cookware to spend what could be hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up contamination from the substances
The Associated Press48 minutes ago
A cruise ship was stranded off Norway's western coast in bad weather.;
Norway opens probe into why cruise ship ventured into stormNorwegian officials have opened an investigation into why a cruise ship carrying more than 1,370 people set sail despite storm warnings, forcing a major evacuation after a mayday call had been issued
The Associated Press1 hour ago
FILE- In this Nov. 20, 2018, file photo Romaine lettuce still sits on the shelves as a shopper walks through the produce area of an Albertsons market in Simi Valley, Calif. Some DNA testing services are offering dietary insights tailored to genetic profiles. The Associated Press tried two services and found that each mostly just reinforced conventional dietary advice. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, File)
What my DNA told me: Avoid fast food, eat vegetablesSeveral companies promise dietary insights tailored to your genetic profile for as much as $300, but the science behind such services is limited
The Associated Press1 hour ago
Mix-up: British Airways plane lands in Scotland, not GermanyThe flight seemed to go perfectly well, until passengers realized it had landed in the wrong city and the wrong country
The Associated Press2 hours ago
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