Healthcare Startup Gofire Launches Data-Driven Health Tracking App, Debuts DoseCode-Enabled ProductsNovember 13, 2018 3:00pm

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov 13, 2018--Gofire, a Denver-based digital healthcare company, has released a groundbreaking app and scannable DoseCode technology as part of its comprehensive health suite for plant-based medicine. The app allows patients to find products, anonymously contribute and access reviews within the community, track personal dosages and document outcomes.

The Gofire DoseCode is a branded QR code attached to exclusive plant-based medical products found in hundreds of retailers across Colorado. After downloading the Gofire app, patients use their phone to scan a DoseCode on edibles, topicals, tinctures and extracts, which pulls the chemical profile of that product validated from a third-party testing lab. The patient rates how each dose worked for their relief, anonymously tracking every session to discover trends and create a consistent, repeatable experience.

When patients download the Gofire app, they join a community of like-minded individuals searching for a similar type of relief. The app gives patients access to education and anonymous product ratings from other community members. This enables them to determine which products and dose sizes will work best for their needs and then drives them to a map where they can find specific products at retailers in the area.

“We describe the app as Fitbit meets Yelp meets Waze,” said Gofire’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Calfee. “The vast range of chemical profiles involved in plant-based medicine makes it difficult for patients to achieve consistent results. People need a simple, reliable way to accurately control dosage, track their consumption and document their results. We’re leveraging big data and machine learning to offer a smart health app that demystifies the dosing process, creates consistency and builds a community database to inform and educate patients.”

The app lets patients create an anonymous, secure personal profile, where they keep track of their highest rated blends and easily recall session history to be consistent in their dosing of plant-based medicinal products. Patients can utilize others’ anonymous reviews to guide them to products and doses best suited to their needs. Data compiled through the Gofire app helps patients understand product effectiveness, identify what's working and create consistent, reliable results whenever they need relief.

Through the Gofire app and DoseCode scannable technology, Gofire strives to bring clarity and choice to plant-based medicine by empowering patients through data and community education.

About Gofire

Gofire™ is a digital healthcare company developing a proprietary smart inhaler with a personal dosing app that allows patients to re-create consistent experiences, removing the fear of taking too much while having the support of their community to help find products best suited to specific ailments. Gofire is committed to making alternative health accessible through standardizing dose regimens by delivery and patient ailment. Visit their website here, and follow Gofire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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